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  • Wool Tartan Blanket Wallace Tartan


Wool Tartan Blanket Wallace Tartan

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Wool Tartan Blanket Wallace Tartan

Size 69" x 62" (175cm x 157.5cm)

A thick heavy quality Wool tartan travel rug or travel blanket as we like to call it. Ideal for keeping in the car, using as a household throw, for a summer picnic blanket, or covering the end of your bed to keep your toes warm this winter.

This tartan blanket soon fluffs out into a luxury feel tartan blanket suitable for just about any use you can imagine. This tartan blanket is bigger than 69inches(1.7m) x 62inches(1.5m) not including tassels making it more than large enough to reach over a king sized bed keeping your toes warm in your chosen tartan style this winter or for picnics in the summer.

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