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  • Scott Green Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)


Scott Green Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)



Scott Green Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)

Fibre: 100% Pure New Wool Scarf Size 150cm x 30cm (60"x 12") Measurements include fringes at each end.

All clan scarves are made of 100% pure new wool making it soft to the touch and it keeps you warm. Each Clan scarf is a true reflection of the given family Tartan plaid. Also each Scarf comes with it own header card, and on the back is a brief history of the clan. A Clan scarf makes an ideal gift for a friend, family member or a treat for yourself.

You do not have to be Scottish to own a Clan scarf As Tartan is Fashion all over the world and A clan scarf makes a ideal gift for him or her for any occasion any time of the year. We have over 170 Tartan Clan designs with some generic designs to reflect special places and names which has its own tartan.

Care: how to care for your Wool product (see below)

Brief Clan History

The Latin word Scotti originally denoted the Irish Celts and later the Gaels in general.

The earliest certain record of the name was of Uchtredus filius Scotti, who lived around 1130. From him were descended the Scotts of Buccleuchand the Scotts of Balwearie.

The Scotts married well and acquired more lands and in time became one of the most powerful border clans. In fact, by the end of the fifteenth century it was said that the chief of the Scotts could easily call upon"1000 spears" to enforce his will.

In common with most Borders families, the Scotts quarrelled regular lywith their neighbours and would gather for battle at Bellendean, near the head of the Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire.

A Bellendaine is cited in ballad books of the time as their war cry, and it is also the slogan of the clan Scott upon the standard of the Bold Buccleuch, asthey are known.

The importance of the Scott clan is shown in the splendid marriage of Anne Scott to James, Duke of Monmouth (the illegitimate son of King Charles II) and in the fact that he adopted the name Scott when the marriage was agreed.

The Scott family is known today for the internationally acclaimed Buccleuch art collection housed in the three great houses of the family.

How to wash

In the first instance we recommend dry cleaning all wool products.

If you wish wash by hand or by machine please do not wring the item, or allow the item to float free in a washing machine. when using a machine always place your product in a pillow case so that it does not tangle or loose its shape.

By hand wash gently using luke warm water and when drying taking great care to ensure that the item is placed flat on a towel for it to dry. This way the product will keep its shape and its softness, and look as new as when first bought.
Always use a recommended wool detergent ie Woolite.

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