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  • Lamont Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)


Lamont Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)

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Lamont Modern Tartan Scarf (Clan Scarf)

Fibre: 100% Pure New Wool Scarf Size 150cm x 30cm (60"x 12") Measurements include fringes at each end.

All clan scarves are made of 100% pure new wool making it soft to the touch and it keeps you warm. Each Clan scarf is a true reflection of the given family Tartan plaid. Also each Scarf comes with it own header card, and on the back is a brief history of the clan. A Clan scarf makes an ideal gift for a friend, family member or a treat for yourself.

You do not have to be Scottish to own a Clan scarf As Tartan is Fashion all over the world and A clan scarf makes a ideal gift for him or her for any occasion any time of the year. We have over 170 Tartan Clan designs with some generic designs to reflect special places and names which has its own tartan.

Care: how to care for your Wool product (see below)

Brief Clan History

The name derives from a Norse word meaning law man, although the roots of the clan are believed to lie in Ireland. Their homeland was Cowal, but in the seventeenth century the clan was all but annihilated by Campbells of Argyll for its support of the Royalist cause.

In earlier times the Lamonts possessed considerable lands in Argyllshire, but through the encroachment of other clans their territory was reduced to Cowal.

The early chiefs were known as Lamont of Inveryne. John Lamont was, in 1539, knighted and his lands made into the Barony of Inveryne. Toward Castle, the old seat of the chiefs, was destroyed by the Campbells and, in 1646, 300 Lamonts were massacred.

Thereafter Ard Lamont became the home of the chiefs. The Lamonts were called Clan ic Fhearchair (MacKeracher) after their first known chief Ferchar, who was alive about 1200.

Ferchars grandson, Laumun, held a judicial position as law man and his office became the surname of his clan.

Badge * Crab Apple Tree.

The clan did not take part in the Jacobite Risings. In the 19th century the clan chief emigrated to Australia, where the present chief of the clan lives. The clan lives today as the Clan Lamont Society, which was formed in 1895.

The society meets once a year and accepts membership from anyone bearing the surname Lamont or any of the clans associated names.

How to wash

In the first instance we recommend dry cleaning all wool products.

If you wish wash by hand or by machine please do not wring the item, or allow the item to float free in a washing machine. when using a machine always place your product in a pillow case so that it does not tangle or loose its shape.

By hand wash gently using luke warm water and when drying taking great care to ensure that the item is placed flat on a towel for it to dry. This way the product will keep its shape and its softness, and look as new as when first bought.
Always use a recommended wool detergent ie Woolite.

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