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  • Bagpipe Miniature Playable Pipes with Reed Royal Stewart Tartan


Bagpipe Miniature Playable Pipes with Reed Royal Stewart Tartan



Bagpipe Miniature Playable Bagpipe with Reed Royal Stewart Tartan

* Miniature set of bagpipes in Royal Stewart Tartan
* Scotland's most traditional musical instrument
* Superb Scottish showpiece decoration
* Inflatable bag and working chanter
* Great fun instrument or novelty Scottish souvenir
* Attractive presentation display box

This miniature bagpipe set has been designed as a fun instrument and makes and ideal gift or souvenir. It is a 'working chanter' set and this can be inflated through the blowpipe in order to play the chanter. This product is packaged in an attractive presentation box. These Bagpipes Comes In The Royal Stewart Tartan, MacKenzie Tartan and Black Watch Tartan.

This is one of the most popular products that we have on the site. It is a great souvenir throughout the world promoting Scotland, as well as a product for children who want to start playing the Bagpipes, before they move on to a Fully playable Set of Bagpipes.

Stewart Royal Tartan Clan History

Also spelled Stuart, from the French, and one of the noblest names in the annals of Scotland's story.

The clan stems from a Norman knight who was granted lands in East Lothian and Renfrewshire during the reign from 1124 to 1153 of David I, and it was through the marriage of one his descendants to a daughter of Robert the Bruce that the dynasty of the Royal House of Stewart was founded.

The Royal Stewart tartan generally referred to simply as the Royal Tartan, has been associated with the Royal House of Stewart for several centuries. The Stewart monarchs were descended from Walter, High Steward of Scotland, who married Princess Marjory, daughter of King Robert the Bruce.

Their son, King Robert II, was the first Stewart king. The male line of the Royal House of Stewart ended with the death of Prince Henry, brother of Prince Charles Edward. H.M. The Queen is chief of the Royal House of Stuart and 'chief of chiefs'.

The Stewart Royal Clan

The Stewart Royal Tartan is registered at the Scottish Tartan Authority, The Stewart Royal Clan over the year has spread all over the world. The Stewart Royal Family clan also has a number of septs which are an offshoot of the Stewart Royal Clan. The Stewart Royal Tartan, be it the Stewart Royal Modern Tartan or Ancient Tartan is worn at all major functions by members of the Stewart Royal Family Clan. The Tartan Authority is the sole and only register of Scottish Tartans in Scotland of which Stewart Royal Tartan is one of over 500. The Stewart Royal tartan is also better known as Royal Stewart.

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